There is no end goal in fitness.

As much as you would love to ‘get fit’ and achieve that goal in a few weeks work and keep it forever without putting any more effort in – it just ain’t gonna happen! By all means, we make goals in terms of changing our physical appearance a little, or losing weight for health reasons, or improving our overall health – but my point is, it is a lifestyle change, nothing less. And with that, you may find your whole approach to your own physical and mental health will change to your priority. It’s what everyone’s priority should be. Then we have the energy to give to, and help others, without compromising our own health.

The body ALWAYS requires movement.

For the whole of its life. The muscles need to move, bones need to be a little bit stressed in order to stay strong (resistance training/running/being active!), and the heart needs to be trained just as much as your other muscles, to be strong enough to supply blood to all those important parts in your body. As age creeps up on us, the best thing we can do is to keep moving.

As well as moving, yes, nutrition is a big part. You could theoretically move a lot, and eat a lot of processed food without gaining weight if you are in a slight calorie deficit – but are you really fuelling your body? With any form of calories you will still get energy, but zero nourishment if they aren’t very nutritious. The body requires essential vitamins and minerals to survive and to function efficiently. The more whole foods you can eat, the better. Vegetables are lifesaving.

So back to Personal Training – this is what I bring to my clients – knowledge and a push towards a healthier, more whole lifestyle. It’s not about counting every calorie on your plate – it’s about being mindful of what you eat, learning to listen to your body and training according to your ability and level. As well as recovering properly.

The one thing that I love about Personal Training, is seeing people get stronger.

Mentally and physically. I have seen clients over and over again become confident in their bodies and confident in doing things that they never thought possible. Making life decisions that they were too afraid to make before. Before they realised their own strength.

I work with people to see them transform their lifestyles, not just their bodies. It makes my job one of the best jobs in the world.


If you would like to work with me, just get in touch. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ service. Every human being is different, and everyone requires a different approach. Whether you are taking your first steps to a new lifestyle or you are experienced in fitness – throw over an email.


If you are truly looking to change your approach to your lifestyle, I may just be the right trainer for you.

I am not an all-screaming, all-shouting trainer.

I encourage, but I base it on you and what works for you. Some people like a more firm approach and others don’t. I adapt to you and how you work best.

I want you to come away from a session feeling proud of your body and what it can do.

Along with the knowledge about how to nutritiously fuel your body and to not restrict yourself, and how to keep active and recover properly in between sessions. There is nothing more important in your life than you and your body. I want you to realise what it is capable of and how much of a benefit keeping active and eating great foods is for your lifestyle.

Personal Training is only one hour – but it is a good contribution to your own wellbeing.


I want clients to do one main thing during my sessions; ENJOY it. There is NO point in doing something that you either do not look forward to, or dislike doing. It should be motivating, fun (to a degree) & challenging enough to suit your ability, otherwise why would you want it as part of your lifestyle? Each session is varied and every session I’ve ever taken contains laughter – because life in general can be too serious. This is your ‘You’ time, to strengthen your weaknesses and to further develop your strengths – enjoy it.