Honest reviews from Aerten Health & Fitness clients.

I had my first Sports Massage with Jodie a couple of days ago after suffering with back and neck ache for a while, this was resulting in headaches and massive pain in my neck and shoulder area. Jodie was amazing and made me feel so comfortable. I literally walked out of there feeling on cloud 9 and felt like a massive weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and back. Jodie found the areas that I felt were the tightest and had the most tension in and worked her magic on those! My glutes, back and especially my neck feel so light compared to before and I also haven’t had a headache since and my body just feels so much more at ease. Jodie was super professional and as amazing as always, I truly would recommend and I am 100% booking in again! Couldn’t fault in anyway, amazing.

– Abi D (Sports Massage)

“Couldn’t recommend more! I have had so many niggles that Jodie has fixed. She has helped me so much in my journey of building a stronger less prone to injury body. Plus those looking for a deeper massage, She is one strong girl to loosen those tighter muscles off.”

Helena C (Sports Massage)

“Having had a few sports massages over the years due to other sporting adventures…. I’m now committed to CrossFit full time and with the high intensity mixed with high volume of Olympic lifting, keeping your body in tune is a must. I have visited Jodie for a session today and I highly recommend her skills. The attention and skills she has demonstrated will have me going back and continue to be a regular. Very highly recommended.”

– Keith M (Sports Massage)

“Jodie is the best- I spent the last 3 months training with her and have improved so much with not only strength, but also with general confidence in the gym. She was so knowledgeable about what I needed as an athlete, and I appreciated how much she made herself available to me for any questions I had- exercise, diet, or injury related! Our training sessions were always something I could look forward to- they kicked my butt but we had a blast together every time. I am so grateful to have Jodie’s foundation built for me as I progress from here on my own- she definitely sets you up for success no matter your fitness goals.”

– Luna T (PT block sessions)

“I’ve always done high impact sports and currently do a lot of heavy training through Crossfit and, being old and, some might say, stupid, never stretch or properly look after myself. Having had lower back pain from old sports injuries going back decades, it needed to be sorted. Jodie is not only a lovely person, she’s personable, professional and very knowledgable and her work had an impact almost instantly! Will definitely be making regular visits and would happily recommend her work.”

Peter H (Sports Massage)

“I visit Jodie regularly with aches and pains in my shoulders and back, feel so relaxed after the massage and ready to compete. Super friendly and I highly recommend Jodie”

Alice B (Sports Massage)

“Being a physiotherapist myself I am very picky about letting people massage me. Jodie made me feel comfortable at once with her easy and professional manner. Her advanced practical massage and anatomical knowledge skills combined with her passion for sorting out the problem you have come in with made for a thorough, and hugely beneficial treatment. I won’t go anywhere else now to get my body sorted out! She is an amazing person with a real talent. Thanks Jodie!!”

– Kyla F (Sports Massage)

“Jodie has been a huge help to me in preparing for races and coping with intense training lately- really understanding where my problem areas are and helping to smooth things out and avoid injury. She has always been really helpful in trying to provide convenient appointment times, often at short notice, which is really invaluable. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing she has first hand, in-depth, experience of training and can understand when I explain about issues I am having. Brilliant sports massages! Thank you Jodie!”


– Emma Stepto (Sports Massage)

“I’ve had a really good nutrition plan from Jodie and I did her 6 Week Lifestyle Change Course. I loved training with her, she got me back on the right road to be fit and healthy after having my baby.The nutrition information that she has given me is amazing I wouldn’t train any where else, I’m very happy.”

– Jodie W (Nutrition plan & 6 Week Lifestyle Course)

“I have to say, Jodie takes no prisoners. She trains her clients to their absolute potential. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trainer, she will put you through your paces. She certainly challenged my rusty training! I highly recommend Aerten, because apart from being totally encouraging, she is great fun to train with and very emotionally intuitive as a PT.”

– Fozia G (PT session)

“I started personal training with Aerten Health & Fitness in January this year. In a short time Jodie helped me increase my abilities and quickly worked out what I needed to address. I’ve been jogging for a while but Jodie introduced me to weight training which are giving me the definition I didn’t have. I am totally re-educated and realise weights do not make you bulky, they tone you which is fantastic. She has also made me look at fitness & food as a way to make you strong and healthy not a lifelong struggle of being good or bad/fat or thin.

I am so happy with Jodie’s style of training and personality that I have booked another block of sessions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Calli N (PT block sessions)

“As a multi-sport athlete. Always feel fully realigned and refreshed for training after a deep tissue treatment. Recommend.”

– Nathan J (Sports Massage)

“Love this girl! Jodie takes time to get to know you and then trains and supports you to achieve your goals! Her nutrition plans are bespoke for individuals – not random magazine fads! And her workouts are hard core. But there’s something for everyone! Feeling stuck in a rut or lacking motivation? Give her a shout!”

– Rach T (PT sessions/Nutrition plan/6 Week Lifestyle Course)